How to Spend a Day in Antwerp

View of Antwerp city centre from the MAS Museum

During my recent visit to Belgium, I spent the day in Antwerp with my friends/tour guides Charline and Fred. It's a beautiful city, and I quickly understood why Charline loved to visit so much. There's so much to see and do there, even if you're on a budget - but somehow we managed to cram in all these sights while walking nearly 20,000 steps and battling the rain.

Here are some of my personal favourite things to see in Antwerp - thank you again to my tour guides for showing me around! There's also a vlog from the day, so scroll down to watch it.

Antwerp Central Station
Antwerp Central Station
Antwerp Central Station
Antwerp Central Station

Antwerpen-Centraal Station

I don't think I've ever seen a train station as magnificent as the one in Antwerp. My photographs don't capture the beauty of this building (I'm still really annoyed about the Cars advert in the second picture) so you'll just have to take my word for it. If your train stops at Antwerp Central then you might as well pencil in some time to explore the station and see it for yourself.

Inside WASBAR in Antwerp, with blue chairs and washing machines


We all know that doing laundry is an absolute bore - so why not get a bagel while you're waiting for the washing machine to finish cleaning your clothes? Or, do what we did and just show up for the food. This is a really nice, chilled out place to eat, and reminds me of the venues I visit in the Northern Quarter in Manchester like Common and Home Sweet Home... but with a few washing machines in there.

MAS Museum, Antwerp, Belgium

Mas Museum

If you love architecture and good views, I'd definitely recommend visiting the MAS Museum and climbing as many stairs as you can. It's completley free to go inside and look out of the windows - they only charge for certain exhibitions. If you want to see the view from the roof, check out my vlog below.

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So, what else would I recommend doing in Antwerp? Well, pretty much the same thing I would recommend on any day trip: walk around. The city is beautiful with so much lovely architecture and some really nice shops. If you time it right, it might not be too busy (well, compared to Brussels, anyway). Like I said earlier, we managed to walk nearly 20,000 steps in Antwerp but it was worth it because we got to see so much.

Arbeid Vrisheild statue in Antwerp
Alleyway in Antwerp
Old building in Antwerp

Have you ever been to Antwerp? Are you planning a visit? Let me know in the comments. Stay tuned for more posts from my trip to Belgium!


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