What I Did on Halloween


I don't usually do anything on Halloween.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to. It's just that Halloween isn't usually a big deal over here in the UK. Sometimes I'll film a relatively spooky makeup tutorial for my YouTube channel, but I won't actually dress up on the night (which is a shame, because I can't think of any other occasion when I'm going to reach for those dark purple colours in my eyeshadow palettes). So I was delighted when The Rope & Anchor contacted me and invited me to have dinner there on Halloween. I wrote about my last visit on a previous post, and they loved it so much that they wanted me to come back, which is very sweet of them. Don't you just love it when brands/places/people appreciate your blog post and want to say thank you?


I arrived in the afternoon and watched the pub in Cheshire transform for Halloween, while drinking cups of tea and saying hello to Barney (the cat, who is apparently a regular). 


It's easy to think that 31st October is only for children (and maybe intoxicated university students), but I think grown-ups can have a lot of fun on the night as well. Tom and I dressed in dark colours and sat down for a meal by an actual proper fireplace. Even though it was only Tuesday, we both felt like we'd already had a long week, so having an evening out with a good supply of carbs did us the world of good. It's so cold at this time of year that being inside sat by a fire felt like a stroke of genius. 


After our feast, we went back to his place and continued our Halloween evening by watching Stranger Things 2, which by the time this post goes live you've probably all watched as well. I can't watch anything that's purely gore, there has to be a decent story involved for me or it's just not interesting, so I'm usually more drawn to thrillers. We've also really been loving Mindhunter on Netflix as well, and I would definitely recommend Black Mirror.


What did you get up to on Halloween? Did you dress up? Did you watch anything scary? Let me know in the comments.


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