Lauren's Photoshoot and Behind The Scenes Vlog


Alright there, Lauren - could you leave some stunning for the rest of us mere mortals over here? Cheers.

Recently I went to Felixstowe to hang out with my friend and fellow YouTuber Lauren Sowter. We had one of the most productive weekends I've had in a long time: we did a photoshoot, both vlogged, and filmed collab videos on our channels. If you haven't seen our collabs yet, have a look over here.

I was really excited about our photoshoot. We'd been talking about it for weeks, and I knew it was going to be different to anything I'd done before. She wanted bright, colourful, fun portraits for her channel and social media profiles - and fortunately, she just so happens to live right next to the beach.

The beach at Felixstowe isn't just sand and sea. There are huts, and seating areas and stone steps leading to gardens that make perfect backdrops for portraits.

The thing about me and Lauren is that we're both perfectionists. 

I was very conscious of the fact that I'd travelled a long way to get there, and that we only had one day to do the shoot and film our collabs.  

We initially went out at lunchtime and got hundreds of great photographs - but because the sun was at it's peak, it was difficult to get a full body shot of Lauren in front of the sea as the background behind her was so bright. Even though we still had plenty of images without them, we still decided to come back later in the evening after we were finished filming videos and get that shot. I'm glad we did because it's one of my favourites.


Want to go behind the scenes and see what else we got up to?

Watch the vlog here:

And if you haven't seen our collab yet, where have you been?


We left the beach happy with all the images. There was a great variety from having the two shoots at different times of day and I knew it was going to be very difficult picking from the hundreds of photos.

Then Lauren took me to a little woodland area before we went back to her place, and I just couldn't help myself - the lighting was absolutely perfect. I had to get the camera out all over again.

(Standing on top of the tree stump was Lauren's idea. I love it.)

I'm really happy with how the images turned out. I think the bright backdrops and fun poses compliment Lauren's branding perfectly. She's got a good mix of photos that can be cropped for social media icons, as well as lots of fun shots for media packs or Instagram posts. If you're after a new YouTuber to watch, definitely stop by her channel.


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