I've Started a Beauty Channel... And Here's Why.

If you've been subscribed to my YouTube channel since 2015, you might remember that the only videos I ever did involved beauty and favourites. Since then, I rebranded my platform to incorporate more personal videos, photography tutorials, artsy vlogs and mental health updates - and I'm thrilled with the direction the channel is going in but... sometimes, I miss talking to a camera while I slap some makeup on my face.

Photography is my passion. It's my career. I've spent the last ten years of my life focusing on that skill, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

However, makeup is my ultimate guilty pleasure. When I'm in Boots, I feel like a kid in a sweet shop... except it's way better than that, because when I was a kid in a sweet shop I only had £2 pocket money and was being supervised by adults, but now I'm a grown-ass woman and I can fill up my basket with as many eyeshadow palettes as I want and no one can stop me.

What I'm trying to say is that my love for makeup never left when I rebranded my channel. Making photography videos makes sense for me, as I genuinely get asked about camera settings and all that jazz on a regular basis - but I felt like beauty and style content no longer 'fit' on my channel, and that broke my heart. So I've decided to make a new one!

Some of you might be wondering why I didn't just say "screw it", and throw everything on the same channel... but that's just inconsistent branding (branding is something that I'm slightly obsessed with now that I work in digital marketing).

Starting from 0 subscribers all over again was terrifying, but at the same time really exciting. And now that I have two separate platforms I feel incredibly free; I know that I can make Alice Red as arty, pretentious and niche as I want; while making my new channel Alice Clare (because Clare is my middle name, incase you're wondering) super fun and fill it with foundation reviews and Primark hauls. People can subscribe to both channels if they want, or just pick one if they prefer. I think it works for me really well, and more importantly it will work better for the people who watch my videos.

You can subscribe to my new channel right here

I hope you stop by my new channel and say hello if you're into makeup and personal style. You can expect lots of chatty Get Ready With Me videos like the one above, foundation reviews for pale skin, hauls, and lookbooks. See you over there!


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